Friday, January 4, 2008

Superheroes at the art walk

whatcha got there?
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My sister and I had the good fortune to chat with Writers Union artist Jeff Jacobson at the 619 Western January art walk. He has an amazing portfolio of commissioned works around the Puget Sound area including Mad Pizza and the recruiting office of Microsoft.
The Writers Union contribution to the Georgetown wall was featured in the Seattle Times. The picture to the right is the front of Snowboard Connection store on Alaskan. Jeff did this work and it features villians and superheroes.

Jeff was to have an opening at Marcus' Martini Heaven last night as part of artwalk but unfortunately that rad space was suddenly and severely flooded. The new opening date of his show is TBD but they are hoping for next week.

Jeff's girlfriend Jen is a photographer of street art (Rio Pacific Photography) and just wrapped up a show at Marcus'. Her works were spared damage from the flooding, thankfully. Jen shoots street art and is a jewel of a sweetheart. We three girlies swapped a few stories. (My sister had a photo show at Marcus' last year.) We may have a chica photo show in our 2008 future.

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