Friday, January 25, 2008

Puzzles remixed: Love = Love

Artist Kent Rogowski dreams up fresh art and creations from retail puzzles and teddy bears.
His Love = Love work is a collection of jigsaw puzzles intermixed to create new images. Puzzle pieces from the same manufacturer and same puzzle size are cut using the same pattern so the pieces can be intermixed at will. The results are dream-like and trippy with flowers, water,and mountains in variable orientation within the same puzzle rectangle. It might be interesting to try some puzzle remixes using those sappy puppy, horse, and kitty puzzles.

Kent Rogowski's current project is Bears, in which teddy bears have been gently deconstructed, turned inside out, and then put back together. The results are a little disturbing, yet charming in their broken, twisted way. Like Edward Scissorhands of the stuffed animal kingdom.

via Cool Hunting


C said...

LOVE the bears. Totally want one!

Jeanine Anderson said...

me too, C!