Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Piecora's and Krafty Kuts

A long-time friend was in town from Japan, so most of the usual gang got together for American food and a dance night.

We pre-func’ed at the townhouse with pizza and killer hot wings from Piecora’s. And I do mean killer hot: as in make-you-lips-numb hot. Delicious. The wings are cooked perfectly with a crispy outer layer and baked with what I suspect is a house-made wing sauce. (Did I see jalapeno chunks?) The wings are served with bread for mopping up the tasty sauce and also includes blue cheese or ranch dressing for dipping. Messy goodness for carnivores.

The pizza from Piecora’s is reliable. The crust is a little thicker than I prefer but the toppings are fresh and they don’t use any foodstuffs that look like dog kibbles. They have a by-request thin crust available for pies with two or fewer toppings.

After too much food and drink, we talked and laughed (loudly, I'm sure) the three blocks to Chop Suey to catch Krafty Kuts.

Krafty Kuts 12.29.07 @ Chop Suey

Krafty Kuts is a popular award-winning breaks DJ, mixer, and producer from Brighton, UK. I was looking forward to his set at Chop Suey. He spun great mixes and his transitions smooth. However there were only a few moments of the give-and-take between a DJ and the audience which make a good show turn great. KK didn’t appear to be having as much fun as the crowd. Or maybe he just isn’t a very expressive fellow. But dude: try looking up from the decks a little more frequently.

Our group of eleven was able to secure cozy couch seating in the desirable back bar area where the floor is raised up a step, sightlines are good, and the sound is crystal clear. It’s the best hangout spot when not on the dance floor.

Demographics: Two-thirds boys, one-third girls. Average age in the bar: 30. Attire: upscale casual. Jeans and t-shirts, hoodies, or button-downs for boys, jeans and shiny shirts for girls. A few skirts with boots.

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