Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stalker Opportunities (01.17.08)

I've been so uncommitted the last couple of weeks I haven't tossed out any stalker opportunities. what have you all done with yourselves?
Blame it on post-holiday malaise. Trust me: I did get out. Just didn't want to commit to anything in advance and risk leaving you brokenly disappointed. That post-holiday malaise has passed, so here's what I've got on my list in coming days:

Friday Jan 18th, earlier: making some plans with travel pals
Friday Jan 18th, later: Z-Trip at the Last Supper Club, baby. More here.

Saturday Jan 19th, earlier: my sister's newest photography show: opening reception. Located on lower Queen Anne, ping me if you want the deets.
Saturday Jan 19th, later: The Teenagers @ Neumos. Maybe. Possibility the photo show crew will afterparty here, or somewhere, or not at all.

Sunday Jan 20th: Dan Deacon @ Neumos. Don't miss this jiggly, uninhibited wild man just to see what he'll do next. Half responsible for the Drinking Out of Cups vid.

Monday Jan 21st: Apt #1325 Monday Night Residency w/ Throw Me the Statue @ Chop Suey. This is the third and final night of residency with TMtS and guests. TMtS has been getting press from the likes of stereogum, pitchfork, and filter. Also want to give props to Chop Suey for giving the residency thing a solid go.

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