Sunday, January 20, 2008

Review: mashup dj Z-Trip in Seattle

Z-Trip's mashup set on Friday night included samples from led zep, stevie wonder, justice, and everything in between. Brilliant pairings, smooth transitions, smart shout-outs, and freaking mad skilz on the decks worked the crowd in a love frenzy. Wow.

Z-Trip is an energetic dj who knows how to read the room, pull people in, work 'em up, and make ya forget there's a world outside. The give-and-take between dj and audience is key to a memorable experience. Z-Trip gets it and works it just right: genuine, responsive, playful. Left us begging for more. Word.

Demographics: 70% boys, 30% girls, mostly in gender-specific groups. 20% were in boy/girl pairs. Attire: mixed. Girls more dressed up than boys, but on the cheap-sparkly side. Avg age: 24

Z-Trip @ LSC 01.18.08

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