Friday, January 18, 2008

Get your craft on: Chop Suey + I Heart Rummage

Another sign night spot Chop Suey is making bold moves in 2008: the monthly indie urban craft show I Heart Rummage has moved to Chop Suey. Next sale day is Sunday March 2nd.

I Heart Rummage was given notice last fall by the Crocodile Cafe that they'd need to find a new venue starting with the January 2008 show. The Croc then suddenly closed doors days before the December show, arguably the biggest sale month of the year for indie crafters. Much scrambling ensued, and kind-hearted Blvd Gallery stepped up to opened its doors and host the Dec show (and thereby saving Christmas for Tiny Tim). Good location for last-minute change, but the Blvd Gallery is not a big enough space for a permanent home.

Enter Chop Suey. Some mighty interesting things going on there: started serving nibbler asian-y food (anyone tried it yet?), experimenting with band residency, hosted two fundraisers for former Croc employees, retaining good staff, etc.

So what up, Chop? Whatev. Just keep going in this interesting direction and my smitten-ness might develop into a full blown crush.

via Citizen Rain

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