Friday, January 25, 2008

King Cobra softly opens tonight

The King Cobra rock & roll club on Pike opens Friday, Jan 25th for bar service and DJ accompaniment. Tonight's soft opening includes an apps spread, so get there early (opens at 6pm) if you want some nosh.

The club is still under renovation with plans for a grand opening party the first week in March. Full on rock & roll to come once renovations are complete. In the meantime, support your locally-screwed employees from The Croc and Kincora: most of the staff at King Cobra are from one of those now-closed clubs.

Hours for now are 6pm - 2am Friday, Saturday, Sunday this weekend, and then going to a Wed - Sunday schedule. (Monday and Tuesday will be major renovation days.)

As announced earlier this month, bookings for King Cobra will be handled by Jenny Bendel from Sunset Tavern. Jenny was kind enough to add comments to the Line Out blog post to clarify who is doing what at King Cobra, and what else she is up to:

"There is a booking team duo of me (Jenny Bendel), and Jason Rothman (former editor of Disheveled zine) at King Cobra. I will occasionally book one-off shows at The Sunset, where I'm also still a bartender. My favorite color is blue and my shoe size is 8. Any other questions? :)"

She was even nice when commenting on the snarky firestorm on Line Out about the her and Jason Rothman's ability to successfully book the new King Cobra. Go Jenny. I'm now your fan just 'cause you're nice. And know how to act like a grownup too.

Full text of press release here.

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Jenny Bendel said...

Thanks so much for the support and for the nice words, Jeanine!

I'll be taking my first bartending shift at the mighty King Cobra tonight 6pm-close. Feel free to pop in and say hi!

Jenny Bendel & the King Cobra Strike Force