Saturday, January 12, 2008

Harry Potter cures the common cold

A stupid sinus cold is making my voice all smoky-sexy-like. (Wait a minute. Maybe that's not a bad thing.) Ahem.
Anyway, after a long rest this afternoon on the couch with Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire), I ran across this clever Potter Puppet Pals video. Blame it on the timing, the head cold, or the fact that I accidentally made decaf coffee instead of regular coffee this morning, but this cracked me up.
Check it:

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mk said...

I'm thinking it was the cold... pretty weird little video :)

I am reading Harry Potter 2 right now so I had to click on it!

Feel better! (I had a cold turning into a sinus infection starting New Year's Day - I used a neti pot as recommended by Dr. Oz, and it never got worse, only better!)