Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scrabulous in song

This is getting dangerous. I'm starting to remember many of the two-letter words. I have also been smacked (twice!) with "qat" by an opponent, so you better believe I won't forget that word which does not require a "u" to play the "q."

Scrabulous is the best app on Facebook. You can play "scrabble" with your friends without having to all be online at the same time. Unfortunately, it is in hot water with Hasbro at the moment. No one is officially talking, but my bet is on a settlement which will keep the app on Facebook. As one fan put it, "Scrabulous brought Scrabble back in style. They (Hasbro) should be thankful."

Over 2 million people around the world are active Scrabulous players. People are even writing and recording songs about the game. Here's one from an "anonymous fan," offered up by the Scrabulous creators, brothers Rajat & Jayanat Agarwalla.

I'm becoming a Scrabulous addict. And I'm not alone. Look out bitches. I've got Qat in my back pocket now.

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