Monday, January 14, 2008

Olympic Sculpture Park draws 'em all

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I love going to Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Scupture Park on Sundays. All kinds of folks are out and interacting with the art: families, friends, dog owners, packs of teens, dates, loners, multi-generational groups, out-of-town visitors, runners, bikers, walkers. It is a great place to people watch, and reminds me a little bit of the terrific communal spaces in NYC.

Sunday was my third visit to the park, but first since the grounds were completed. I love the design more and more each time I go. The paths zig-zag in a way that continually surprises by pulling in the endless views while providing a fun sense of discovery when encountering an art work close up.

What I particularly appreciate is the Olympic Sculpture Park is free. It provides easy access to sculptural art for non-art -types, all wrapped up in northwest beauty. Call it a switch and bait, if you will. Come see the pretty views, run around on the grass, and take in some art while you're at it.

I predict today's kids running around the park will in the future look back to the Olympic Sculpture Park as the place where passion for the arts took hold. And that's all good in my book.

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Sandra said...

plus you run into neighborhood friends!