Friday, January 4, 2008

Old Sugar > New Kincora - er - King Cobra

A press release issued today announced the now-closed Sugar nightclub on Pike will open within a few weeks as King Cobra. The new owners are Che Sabado, most recently the owner of gentrified Kincora Pub, and Jaimie Garza, who previously booked all-ages shows in regional cities.

The new owners intend to host both live acts and DJs across a wide variety of musical genres and are planning to work with booking agents already established in the city. Jason Rothman is handling day-to-day scheduling for the new club.

Opening day is dependent on the formality of a liquor license walk-through. Most of the staff from Kincora have moved uphill to the King Cobra.

One can speculate that the ownership pair toured both Sugar and The Croc before deciding where to land. Cheers for selecting the space on Pike, adding to the growing vibrancy of the Pike/Pine area. I'm glad I can walk there and then wander home later.

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Lee LeFever said...

King Cobra, REALLY? Thats the name they came up with to replace a club where people got shot? Scary.

Jeanine Anderson said...

Ha, that didn't occur to me.
My reading ear heard it as a near-homophone of Kincora.
I also thought maybe snake symbolized something else on a subliminal level.
Wonder what they were going for with the name?