Monday, August 11, 2008

New Screen Tees

I picked up a couple of new hand-printed tees this weekend, direct from makers Revival Ink and Bherd Studios.

I love this new Twisted Tree design from Revival Ink.

have new tee from Revival Ink
Revival Ink is run by Tara Smith out of Seattle. (My very first Revival Ink shirt was this, purchased last December.) You can find Revival Ink's ready-mades at Atlas Clothing, Pretty Parlour, and a handful of other stores in the area.

Additionally, Revival Ink is a regular at the Fremont Market and I Heart Rummage. Check the Revival Ink website for more locations and upcoming shows, or to order online. Tara's also creates rad one-of-a-kind vintage wear customized with hand-screened designs, available through Etsy.

I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die swear I had no plans to buy another shirt this weekend. And then I saw this Icarus tee at Bherd Studios. I've always had an affinity for the Icarus story, perhaps because of a recurring dream since a young age that I can fly.

have new tee and boy shorts from Bherd Studios

Bherd Studios is an art gallery, clothing store, and workspace with an urban edge. The storefront studio is in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle and features artist-in-residence John Osgood. I went to the opening night of the "Spray It Don't Say It" show Saturday night and fell (groan) in love with the Icarus design. And these cutie pie boy shorts with wings on the bum were just too precious to pass up.

All are hand-printed pieces; check the other styles on the Bherd website. Stop into the shop for more designs and colors. You'll also find Bherd at the 2008 Urban Craft Uprising.

I plan to order a pair of these custom kicks from John this fall. These beauties were first unveiled at the Georgetown Artopia event last month and I haven't forgotten about them. If you like 'em too, check with John and Michelle -- they may have your size in stock.

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