Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Horizon Used Books on 15th

Horizon Bookstore
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First time in Horizon Books and boy, what a fun surprise! There's a real maze of bookshelves inside this tiny converted house. Whimsical organization makes room for serendipity.

1. A section for "Gypsies" with one book. 2. Science Fiction anthologies two rooms away from the other Sci Fi books. 3. Auto repair next to computer-related,shelved in the kitchen. 4. Baseball, psychology, science and a ladder in that room.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Suite 100 Gallery to Move Next to Roq La Rue

Suite 100 Gallery is moving 1 block north and next to Roq La Rue Gallery, in the space lately vacated by BLVD Gallery. The first show in the new space will open January 9th, as part of the monthly Belltown artwalk.

Even though it is only a one block move, it's a good one. No longer will we need to weave our way through clusters of smokers and clumps of pan handlers which gather on the sidewalk one block south -- a block with Mama's Mexican Kitchen, Lava Lounge, Bad Juju Bar, Noodle Ranch, Shorty's, and Buddha Bar between Roq La Rue and the starter location for the Suite 100 gallery.

The new gallery space is two to three times larger in square footage than the old Suite 100 space, so curators will need to step up their game to use it to their advantage. I hope they consider creating a few dividers to break up the wide open space; the BLVD gallery always felt a little too open. (Picture a large living room where all the furniture is anchored against a wall. Would you want to stay very long? )

The first show in the new space looks promising. "Local Aesthetic" will feature artwork from three local artists: Greg Boudreau, Ryan Molenkamp and Troy Gua.

Starter location, buh-bye
Opening feathered friends

New space, hello-o-o-o
BLVD Gallery on 2nd Ave
(Not a great picture, but the only exterior shot I have.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Santa: are you lactose and tolerant?

The note my niece left for Santa.
"The cookies are on the dining room table...
p.s. Are you lactose and tolerant?"
photo by my sis: Suzanne Strong Photography.

Check out her online portfolio and pencil in the Feb 5th First Thursday opening at 619 Western, where she'll be in a group show.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Hood Internet: masters of mashups

If you like clever remixes and mashups, check out The Hood Internet and their ingenious tracks.
Here's one of my favorites: a remix of The Rosebuds' Get Up Get Out with Aesop Rock's None Shall Pass. I like both of the songs alone and they sound great mixed together by The Hood Internet. (rss readers may need to click through to see the Imeem player.)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow dog

Snow dog
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The snow keeps coming: we had another 6 inches overnight and it started up again about 2 hours ago. Wow.
The dog doesn't mind, though. She was born and raised in MN so she knows all about snow and actually loves it! I run the hair dryer on her when she comes in because the snow clumps like a m-fkr in her fur. As soon as she's warm and dry, she wants out again.

(iPhone photo)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

photos: first snow of the season

Went on a little walkabout Saturday night during the snowfall.











Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't judge me, it was for charity

Not sure how to explain this, so I'll just get to it. I bid on a Strangercrombie auction item. Strangercrombie is an annual fundraiser organized by The Stranger, and is known for very clever groupings of donations into ingenious packages. This year's beneficiary is Treehouse, a worthy organization which provides for childen in foster care. (Yes I'm stalling a little, working up the nerve to tell you what I bid on.)

So...I passed on all the music-related packages cause I got me a pretty good hook up for music events already. Besides, they were going for a lot more than my budget.

Instead, I bid on this: Chicks with Guns. The package includes a visit to Wade's Gun Range with the female managing editor of The Stranger and a female photographer to learn how to shoot a gun and take some shots at the practice range, followed by dinner at Redwood. (A neighborhood joint where you can throw peanut shells on the floor. They supply the peanuts in-shell.)
I've never shot a gun or rifle -- or really, any firearm --and I am to-the-core afraid of the power of firearms. I figure what better way to better understand that power (and respect it) than try it once with sympatico chicas. (And bonus: chicas I suspect I have some things in common with.)

Drat those auction sniper bots: I lost out in the last minute. Oh well. Must be a sign I shouldn't be allowed to handle a firearm. I'll have to kill zombies a different way.

Friday, December 5, 2008

you are here

You are here. Where the accumulation of everything ended in keeping nothing.

This piece of street art is particularly site-specific and serves as a pointed reminder of the false value of "things." Look for it when walking on Pike or waiting for the bus near the intersection with Bellevue Ave.

More about the site and the sad story of what happened here one early morning in late October.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belltown gets a Sloth Bear for the Holidays

Check out Free Sheep Foundation during the month of December to visit a sloth bear. This is not a prank. A living, breathing sloth bear is staying in Belltown before taking up permanent residence at Woodland Park zoo.

Pedestrians and animal enthusiasts to the corner of 3rd and Battery in Belltown can view Toshi, a four year old, 1,200 pound Japanese sloth bear from Hokkaido Island, Japan. Toshi was raised in captivity and is very comfortable around humans. Safe inside an adapted storefront, Toshi can be viewed throughout the day as she eats, plays and slumbers with her favorite toy doll Benji.

Toshi comes to Seattle from the Kushiro Municipal Zoo in Hokkaido, Japan. I trust the bear experts at Kushiro are sure about Toshi's gender, unlike these polar bears.

This exhibit is brought to you by Zoo to You Foundation, Woodland Park Zoo, Free Sheep Foundation and PDL.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been cheating on you, Blogger. With Twitter.

I have a confession to make, Google Blogger: I've been cheating on you. Sometimes I just don't have time for what our relationship requires. Yet, I still have needs. That's when I turn to Twitter for a quickie.

Information which can be fit into 140 characters (including spaces) are making their way online via "tweets" these days rather than full-on blog posts. Visitors to this blog page can see my Twitter updates, however RSS readers do not.

To get the full meal deal, "follow" me on Twitter. I'm at http://twitter.com/JeanineA And if you have/get a Twitter account, I'll follow you back.

chirp, chirp

Let's condoming! Only in Japan

To make condoms something a Japanese girl would be comfortable buying, a teen magazine has loaned their brand to condoms.
The magazine name: Popteen. And now a brand of condom. Ha!
Why not verbatize* "condom" while they're at it? Let's condoming!

* I can make up words, too.

Via photographer Jim O'Connell's blog.