Monday, December 31, 2007

CHS Tourney: vote now. vote often.

Hillku or a missing sidewalk?

Coyotes or the #10 bus?

The semi-final round of the Capitol Hill Seattle Tourney wraps up at midnight NYE. Which two CHS icons will face off in the finals next week? The clever Justin and Kristen of CHS blog have once again organized a fun voting contest among neighborhood icons. They wisely did not include new CHS neighborhood baby, Bowie, in the tourney entries. (Honor, nepotism, shoo-in, etc. etc.)

In this round the Coyotes have steadily been in the lead over the #10 bus. If you are behind the critters (like The Stranger), you likely don't have anything to worry about.

Hillku and the non-crosswalk at Aloha and 14th are tied up, however, with about 12 hours remaining to lock in your vote(s).

Vote now. Vote often. For Hillku.

Honestly, now. How could you vote for something that doesn't exist: a non-crosswalk? That's like voting a dead person into office. As they did in MO a few years ago.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

click click click your camera

Is your dog/cat/partner/neighbor/child/parent/houseplant/roommate tired of getting their picture taken with your new camera? Two photography-related activies for January popped up this week.

Synchronicity: a project based on pictures taken at the same moment all around the world. Anyone can participate. Your photo must reflect what you were doing at the specified time. The next synchronicity moment is 1st January 00:00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For Pacific time-zoners, that's 4:00 pm on 31st December. For other time-zoners, please check your local time compared to GMT. Have your camera ready!

Photogamer: a website-blog-flickr group-facebook group-twitter account which provides a weekly challenge to go out in the world and to fnd interesting photographs related to the challenge. As the name implies, the purpose is to have fun with your camera. After a couple of months' break, the photo games are back on. Bre, Hillary & Co have lined up a new challenge for every day in January. Sounds like the perfect winter muse to prevent a post-holiday coma.

Check this off my list @ 43 things

day 0

It took months for me to decide what I wanted for a first inking.

Although I am not big into astrology and the occult, the more I thought about my Mayan astrology sign, Blue Resonant Eagle, the more it felt right. Particularly the aspects of eagle (creativity & vision), hand (healer and helper), and worldbridger (building bridges between a magical world and reality). These are traits that others have attributed to me in school, in career, and in friendships.

My Western astrology sign, Scorpio, has never, ever felt right to me.

It hurt a bit but it was also surprisingly relaxing. I think I wandered into a meditative zone for a while.

I already have a design in mind for the next one.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

spike in visitors to the NW

Lots of visitors to the drippy northwest this month, and not just in for the holidaze.

A sister from KS, a friend from Japan, a friend from HI, three from CA, two from NoDak (fargo, don'tcha know), two from NC. Good times.

Who's coming next month?
Locals, will ya help keep me from getting bored in January?

Friday, December 28, 2007

when in (Rome) the Comet Tavern...

... a visitor from out of town really should add to the mess of bills tacked to the ceiling of the Comet Tavern After a few wild throws, the sound guy gave us the insider tips: use three quarters, make the long folds first to form a long skinny rectangle, then fold up the two shorter sides.
tack, dollar bill, 3 quarters. Fold, throw, and...stick!

Related news: the new owner of the Comet Tavern stepped forward yesterday. [Seattle Times]

Last night I scanned the place looking for "a 30-something yuppie with a wad of spare cash (who) buys a beloved business in a neighborhood he rarely visits but hears is 'a great scene.' " [Slog]. I don't think he was there. The staff were relaxed -- not what one would expect if the new owner were present.

True confession: last night was the only the second time I've been in The Comet. You wouldn't think so by the number of times I wrote about the joint this month!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

stalker opportunities (12.26.07)

Here's what's on the calendar so far. Friends and future friends, ping me to meet up. I am into meeting new people who can hold a conversation and like to have fun! Creepy stalkers, I'll shame you on craigslist if you try anything weird.

Wednesday 12.26.07 Crazy-merry at the ranch with many, many, many relatives

Thursday 12.27.07 Downtown for a couple of minor and (hopefully) easy returns.

Saturday 12.29.07 early - pre-func at the TH: Ken’s home-for-the-holidays visit

Saturday 12.29.07 later - group meandering over to see Krafty Kuts break it at Chop Suey.

Sunday 12.30.07 – Unscrew the Crocodile Employees Benefit Show at Chop Suey. Benefit for employees of the Croc who were dropped like hot potatoes with the sudden close of the Seattle venue. "With members of Fleet Foxes, Peter Parker, Siberian, Pale Pacific, J.Tillman, Damien Jurado, Pleasureboaters, and many more.” This is a maybe event. On one hand, something interesting could happen and it is only a couple blocks away. On the other the music is a little more thrashy than I usually listen to.

Monday 12.31.07 – choices. Friends have secured a VIP table to indulge in Super Diamond at Showbox in Sodo. But there’s also what is looking to be a blowout dance party at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: Science Friction (NYE). I'm leaning towards the latter.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Donkey in Bethlehem

A piece of Banksy artwork in Bethlehem has been painted over by a group of residents who were offended by the ironic image. [more] Highly controversial was the stencil of a soldier checking the ID of a donkey.

The work was part of the annual Santa’s Ghetto exhibition and sale of art by street artists. Santa’s Ghetto has previously been held in London. This year it was moved to Bethlehem to bring greater visibility to the challenges faced by the town’s residents.

Now that the official Santa’s Ghetto website is closed, you'll need to use secondary sources to view pics and video of the Santa’s Ghetto in Bethlehem works.

Although it’s a shame the valuable Banksy work was covered, by doing so the residents have contributed to the exhibit’s goal: to increase visibility of the situation in Bethlehem. As a result of their action, a second round of news stories spread around the globe. That can’t be all bad.

Monday, December 24, 2007

go sit in the fountain

The fountain at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill (in seattle) is shut off until Dec 28th further notice for maintenance. So go sit in the fountain and climb the cone if you are in the area over the next couple of days. Keep warm with super-fabulous Vivace coffee, located at the north west corner.

Voyeuring colors

The images in Helga Steppan’s “Be long a part” photography show are not the result of camera filters or digital trickery. The photographer arranged her possessions into groupings by color, using classic still-life composition principles.

Results are quietly fascinating. I feel voyeuristic: it’s like peeking into closets and drawers and cupboards. She’s a smoker, she likes to wear blue, she owns a lot of masking tape. Then catholic-upbringing guilt made me stop snooping.

I like the concept employed here and am noodling how it might be extended. Perhaps items that start with the same letter? Colors work well for the visual medium, but letter groupings could be trickier. Would require more left-right brain coordination for the viewer, I think.

The show was held back in July 07 at the Man&Eve gallery in London, but you can check out the yellow, white, black, gray and other color compositions on Creative Review.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wii remote becomes virtual reality gadget

It's fascinating to see what people come up with, using stuff that is already around.
This video shows how to use your Nintendo Wii game system remote and receiver to turn your tv into a 3-D, virtual reality-like experience. No hardware hacks required and you don't need to be fluent in engineer-speak either.
I think this guy must be a crafter at heart. Maybe he'll figure out a way to re-purpose old microwave oven parts into a beam transporter next.
Bravo for creative thinking!

via Coudal Partners

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Program: Blue Scholars

Regionally popular Blue Scholars close out day 3 of The Program: five nights of hip hop at Neumos.

At the all-ages shows, adult beverages are available only from the upstairs bar and it stays upstairs. Merch is located in the dance floor bar on the far wall.

When we say north, you say west! North! West! North! West!(repeat)

Demographics: 70/30 of boys to girls; average age 24; mostly white folk; Attire: skull caps and print hoodies for boys, jeans and sweaters or hoodies for girls.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday-O-Matic: may your luau be luminous...

...and filled with swedish meatballs.

Give the Holiday-O-Matic a spin to create a fresh and random greeting for each holiday card (email) you write.

My favorite pull so far: May your winter solstice be wonderful and filled with lords-a-leaping. Check!

via Core77

Got it goin' bossa nova

Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch's Drinking Out of Cups animated short is a freaky, random, catch-phrase-laden wild ride with a pissed-off lizard. And funny as heck. Yeah right.
Yep, I know this has been out a while, but what can I say? I'm late. No way.
Just so you know: if you are swear-word sensitive, best avoid.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One classic rocker bar sold

The Comet already has a buyer.

“It’s going to stay the Comet, the booking person is going to stay there, everything stays the same,” claims the deal broker. Details to be released once the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.

There's gotta be a reliable buyer for the deal to be announced so quickly. Any guesses?

via Slog.

stalker opportunities (12.19.07)

Holiday madness. Friends (and future friends): ping me if ya wanna meet up. Good excuse to break away from visiting relatives. Real stalkers: go lay under the Westlake Center holiday tree.

Wednesday Dec 19: Rumor is the Project Runway community viewing experience is delicously catty at Faire Gallery Cafe.

Thursday Dec 20: choices, choices. (a) Caroling with long-time friends in Kirkland, or (b) SUX meetup at Triangle Lounge. Either one will be followed by the Three Imaginary Girls' Holiday Party at El Corazon (relocated from the Croc) with Tullycraft performing.

Friday, Dec 21: Winter Solstice party. Held in a 'burb block well-known in the 70's for key parties.
For a public event I recommend you check out Dyme Def at Neumos. They're performing as part of The Program: four nights of hip-hop with Blue Scholars. The Program shows are selling out in advance, so get your tix ahead of time if you plan to go.

Saturday Dec 22, afternoon: lunch with girls for a birthday at Saint Germain (soon to close).

Saturday Dec 22, night: XXXMas party at Lo-Fi. Organized by Seattle dj collective BootyResin.

Wednesday Dec 26: Crazy-merry at the ranch with 27+ relatives.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why are robots cute?

It doesn't make much sense. They don't look like puppies (of the dog OR seal variety) Yet...they are cute.
Proof: check out this fresh trailer from Pixar. It's a preview of their current animation project, Wall-E, whick is planned for release mid-2008.

So maybe I'm a robot-girl. Bleepy-chirps back at ya.

Two classic rocker bars for sale

The Crocodile Cafe is officially on the market and is listed by the John L Scott agency. $495,000 will get you in the door. Click the pic for a link to the listing or use your favorite MLS site and look up MLS# 27213869. See The Seattle Times article on the Croc's storied history and connections to Seattle's music scene.

And unofficially, The Comet may be for sale for $400g. Slog calls it so from a Craigs List entry, text as follows:

Seattle’s oldest tavern/bar, centrally located in Capitol Hill. Very established. Possible Class H and pull tabs. NDA required. DO NOT TALK TO EMPLOYEES. Call Conrad Topacio, John Paul Mitchell Associates, 206-669-0576.

Monday, December 17, 2007

unplug the vampires

The Jan/Feb 08 issue of GOOD magazine includes an informative illustration of what it costs to keep your electronic gadgetry plugged in 24x7 for a year. Reduce your power consumption: unplug the vampires when not in use.

That new plasma TV you’re getting for Christmas? Plan for an electric bill increase of $160/year.

I like the vampire theme. It is memorable and makes the data so much more interesting that a bar chart. Click the pic for a close up view.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scooter smitten

Since moving to the Capitol Hill neighborhood I've entertained the idea of owning a scooter. Nevermind that I probably wouldn't use it 6 -8 mos of the year (that Seattle rain thing). I just think they are uber-cool. Even before hitting the opening of Roq La Rue's Motorino show by Shag.
He is smitten, too.

scooters by Shag

I chatted with the artist for a minute and let him know my favorite of the show was "Bantam." Look for that piece if you go and see why I laughed out loud. Literally. (Not just "LOL" which is more often than not just a polite acknowledgement of someone's attempt at humor.)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Photobooth Fun

When's the last time you used a photobooth? catalogs locations across the country.

There are 16 (sixteen!) of these little gems in the city of Seattle alone (not counting the burbs). LA-ers, you have at least 17 in your metro/burb area.

Get out this weekend and have a photostrip made of you in all your holiday glory. They've got to come out at least marginally better than your worst arms-length self portrait. (Or maybe it's just mine that are bad.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

stalker opps (12.11.07) - revised

A few late changes. Much goings on this time of year. Hope to see ya.

New Friday, December 14th early: BLVD Gallery Good vs. Evil Show opening night (various artists) with Foscil doing tunes, PLUS next door Roq La Rue gallery Motorino opening night (Shag) with Mercury 4 and DJ Vodka Twist doing tunes.

Friday 12/14: Broken Disco at Chop Suey

New Saturday 12/15: I Heart Rummage at Crocodile Cafe. (this is the last show at the Croc.)

Saturday 12/15: ufff, several possibilities here: The Glitch Mob pair at Neumos or private room karaoke with gang of friends (you can bring your own booze with a banquet license) or Shonen Knife at Chop Suey (no longer under consideration), end with Spy’s Resident Evil party

Sunday 12/16: Bringing a Seattle welcome to L.A. friends, here to float for a month

New Monday 12/17: Capitol Hill Seattle blog Book and Beer Exchange at Smith

Colorblind Designers. Suspicions Confirmed.

Who knew? According to this post "Blindness" and comments, apparently there are color-blind designers running around out there. Employed as designers. Really. I had my suspicions, now confirmed. For real.

Maybe one could make it onto the next season of Project Runway. Wait. Maybe one already has.

Here's an example of how the red/green colorblind see the world:

Check the "Blindness" link for more photographic examples.

via Core77

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

stalker opportunities (12.11.07)

This week is a little harder for stalkers. I’m late and undecided.
Friends and future friends, ping me if you want to influence or meet up.

Tuesday 12/11: Hopvine Pub on 15th Ave for trivia

Wednesday 12/12: Project Runway showing at 22 Doors, or Sera Cahoone at Tractor Tavern.

Friday 12/14: Broken Disco at Chop Suey

Saturday 12/15: ufff, several possibilities here: The Glitch Mob pair at Neumos (likely) or Shonen Knife at Chop Suey (possibly), end with Spy’s Resident Evil party

Sunday 12/16: Bringing a Seattle welcome to L.A. friends, here to float for a month

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

So Amy Winehouse may have opened the pop door to the soul/R&B influence this year, but Sharon Jones is the real deal. I mean the REAL deal. Dap Kings are great accompanyment to Sharon Jones' voice and presence.
Out now: "100 Days, 100 Nights"
Check it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Mural in Georgetown

The new graffiti mural in Georgetown is worth checking out if you are in the industrial heart of Seattle. The mural is located on the south west corner of 4th Ave S and Michigan Ave S, next to I Luv Teriyaki. This newspaper article has the deets.
You'll see lots of different art styles. The mural is primarily images/art, with some graff writing. I'm not practiced in reading highly-stylized letters but I was eventually able to make out part of this section:

keep it fresh

Do you see "keep it fresh" in the lower part? I still can't figure out the upper part. Zip it K? Zip II K?

Next is a close up of a section done by NKO, titled "the problem of architecture." The title is possibly in memorium to his former home, the Belmont, and what that building came to represent in its last days. I like the boxed heart detail.

cubed heart

I'll close out with one more image because that last one was a bit of a downer, yeah? Next up: friendly koi swimming around the city.

city koi

Blue Resonant Eagle

I don’t spend much brain time on astrology, readings, random internet tests, etc. However, I couldn’t resist a Mayan astrological reading. This site provides a detailed reading based on your birth date and is surprisingly ad-free. I’m a blue resonant eagle.

I like the pictograms used in the Mayan reading. Simple lines and primary colors represent the concepts. These could make interesting tattoos -- Kanji is so overdone.

To get your own reading, select the Dreamspell Calculator link on the
main page. In the pop-up window, ignore everything you see as you scroll all the way down to the bottom, then enter your birth month, day, and year. (Yep, at the bottom, people. Good UI design is not their specialty.) Once you get your personal results, return to the main page and find your “dreamspell galactic signature” for a detailed reading and interpretation.

Have a little fun and I invite you to add comment with deets on your “galactic signature.”

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Björk: Declare Independence

Björk is so rad.
It's a given this would be too.

Director: Michel Gondry, Production company: Partizan

619 Western is da bomb

jacob's ladder
Originally uploaded by

First Thursday at 619 Western is not your mother’s art walk. Forget Pioneer Square galleries (the “official” hub for First Thursday). You can’t afford that sh*t.

Trust me: 619 Western is where it is at. 619 is a beautifully aged warehouse with six floors of studios. Works are priced reasonably and there’s a good variety of styles, mediums, and approachability. The artists are friendly and happy to chat you up.

My sister and I went with the specific goal of finding Dave Bloomfield in his studio-share on the fourth floor. His work is visible around the city, in both formal shows as well as random acts of art. It has a sweet, honest nature which bleeds through the street-tough initial impression. He did not disappoint: nice guy and lots of pieces priced affordably. We both picked up some prints. I think I need a t-shirt, starheadboy. You have any for sale? (Sized for ladies, please.) Buffalo, Huggy, or some penguins, perhaps? You pick. It’s all good.

We were also intrigued by Wyatt Landis at Studio Satyricon on the 3rd floor. I ran into a friend who warned there were “scary girls” in that room. Of course I had go in! Landis’ oil paintings are of renaissance composition and lighting and have a “Blade Runner” groove. And he had cool music.

With over 100 artists sharing the 619 building, there’s a lot to see. Thanks to Charles Shaw and light snacks (gratis), time is easily lost track of. If you go, try to get started in the first hour before it gets completely mobbed and difficult to navigate the central stairway.

Age range: 25 – 50, with a skew toward 30s. Attire: stylish Seattle winter wear, as in good jeans with sweater or unique t-shirt (boys and girls). Some girls with dresses or skirts and leggings. Fashion boots. Wooly hats for some, wooly scarves for everyone.

Friday, December 7, 2007

men, get your night shopping on!

Imagine how this might be different than day shopping.
Be on the lookout for male night shoppers in the Pine & 14th area.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I miss those heady startup days

It was fun to hang out with boy and girl geeks at a boutique tek company party last weekend. Rock Band was a bit hit on the flat panel, with psuedo-rockers rotating in and out all evening. Guitar Hero was so old news.

The workboard looked about right, from what I can remember in my old startup days. Sigh.
holiday party season
in case of emergency break glass

Oh and besides the fun stuff, a lovely detail: Kozyndan art on the walls. Signed. Numbered. Yow!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

they don't know preschoolers, do they?

Don't watch this if you like, love, or lust chocolate. It is macabre and downright creepy, like observing a car crash that results in injury. You've been warned.

(by Cut-n-Paste for KRO Youth, in association with Dutch Culture Fund.)

"Chocolade Haas" was produced as part of an arts and culture project for Dutch preschoolers.

Perhaps Dutch preschoolers feel about chocoloate bunnies the way the little american set feels about Peeps.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The new studio

HereJam studio (and label) in Seattle is a beaut. I was a lucky girl and heard a few tracks from the upcoming Ear Reverends CD in the studio where it all came together. The room design includes a cork floor, echo-muffling panels on walls and ceiling, sound-proofed doors and walls, warm colors, artistic lighting, and lots of music gear and geeky gadgets.

Congrats to Jay and Anastasia. Lovely studio decor A, great geek gear and tracks J. Can't wait for the release in a few weeks.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

stalker opportunities (12.02.2007)

Here's a few events penciled in on my calendar this week. If you are a friend or future friend: hope to see you. Hit me if ya wanna meet up. If you're a real stalker, you will regret it (for the rest of your small, sad life).

Monday 12.02: happy hour @ 22 Doors

Wednesday 12.04:
United State of Electronica @ Neumos
FREE, in celebration of the repeal of prohibition

Thursday 12.05:
First Thursday art walk, priority focus on 619 Western

Saturday 12.06: holiday party (early. after...?)

Funeral @ The Belmont


frickin’ off the chain. themes. performances. friendly people. (yes, really.) creativity. three-fingers of whiskey. (a bargain.) Slats. fortunes. triangle of broken window glass impaled in the dirt. (lucky no one was standing there.) no tickie, no roofie. (quite firm.) smoke. statements. dada. missed much. (despite lots of wandering around.) doors that were not. birds. adopted sandwich boards. cameras.

Demographics: ½ boys, ½ girls. Average age: 22. Attire: Most dressed in black. Accessorized with hats, smokes, boots, glasses.

Other reports here, here, and here. And in comment to post below.
Belmont Flickr search.
More Seattle street art on Flickr.