Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(post) Coachella photo of the day Tuesday: seattle represent!

you of the hood

from the 206

time to get home

and rest your kicks

(Post) Coachella photo of the day Monday: Joshua Tree National Park

Lovely park. The desert was in bloom!

There's a new cancellation stamp in my National Park Passport book.

(Yes, I'm a dork.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Coachella photo of the day Sunday: Simian Mobile Disco

Originally uploaded by JeanineAnderson

Coachella photo of the day Saturday: Prince!

From waaay back.

Coachella photo of the day Friday: Datarock

Datarock in the Gobi tent.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Street finds: lost or discarded?

Strangely, I've come to have three "found" items on my table. I don't usually pick stuff up off the sidewalk, but for whatever reason...these were.

Each are personal enough to either be accidentally lost and missed, or deliberately discarded in a fit of emotional spring cleaning.

No back story provided, so feel free to make up your own.

Exhibit 1: Polaroid of a cool vintage car parked in a carport. Possibly a Karmann Ghia. (15th and Olive)

street find #1

Exhibit 2: Personal catharsis as a thank you letter.
"I want my heart to bleed like my pen when it hits the paper." (Pine and 14th)

street find #2

Exhibit 3: Holiday family picture. Not very interesting, unless you're related. (Belmont and Pike)

street find #3

I'm happy to help reunite these items with their owners if anyone recognizes details here.

Adam Freeland & Amnesty International Advert

The amazing producer Adam Freeland has composed the music for the new Amnesty International advert which is campaigning against human rights abuses in the name of 'War On Terror.'

(If the video is slow to load on my page, go here instead.)

Watch the film and then "unsubscribe" yourself from these practices on the Unsubscribe website.

"Unsubscribe is a movement of people united against human rights abuses in the ‘war on terror.’ Thousands of unsubscribers have now joined up. The threat of terrorism is real, but trampling over human rights and abandoning our values is not the answer. From Guantanamo Bay, Rendition, Torture and Waterboarding – we unsubscribe."

Well played, Adam.

Adam's new EP Hate is out on his Marine Parade label. Also, be sure to check out his latest essential mix mp3 for a rad 2-hour mix which blows out anything else on your player right now.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Using stealth and style to fight off evil

I finally made it to the Frye Art Museum on Sunday to catch the R. Crumb exhibit before I (and it) left town. Procrastinators, the last day of the R. Crumb exhibit is Sunday, April 27th. You should go if you have any interest in line drawings, comics, the absurd, adult-themes, early 70s, etc.

While casually scoping the gift shop, I ran across the "String Doll Gang" characters. Handmade out of string by Kamibashi, they are absolutely adorable little creations with very special superpowers.

I picked out Ninjette: "Ninjette uses stealth and style to fight off evil."


I could easily be a Ninjette, using stealth and style to fight off evil.
Yeah, that would be pretty easy and pretty awesome.
Stealth and style for good. I'm up for that.

Coach me through Coachella

With more than 125 performances over three days, one has to be selective yet open to new discoveries. I need your help! Who would you see? Who is on your must-not-miss list? Who are the potential 2008 breakouts?

In my discretionary time, I write reviews and shoot shows for the music site Three Imaginary Girls, based in Seattle. There's a blog post and conversation over on that site in which I've asked for recommendations of who to see at Coachella.

I would love to get your recommendations, either in comments here, or comments there.

Here's the lineup. Check it and get back to me!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Visit the Steam Punk Treehouse at Coachella

treehouse and standard transportation

One of my favorite art pieces from Burning Man 07, the Steam Punk Treehouse, will be at the Coachella Music Festival grounds. I'm looking forward to seeing it again! It is cooler than cool.

Here's a BoingBoing TV-produced interview and behind-the-scenes look at the crew responsible for this brilliant piece of interactive art.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Faux relatives from Travis Louie

Travis Louie creates warm and playful portraiture of imaginary beings, after the style of Victorian photographs. The Roq La Rue Gallery in Belltown is hosting the largest show to date of Travis Louie’s artwork (through May 3rd).

His technique, "transparent layers of acrylic paint over a tight graphite drawing on a smooth flat surface," produces works which resemble old photographs from the Victorian era. Each piece in the show is ornately displayed in turn-of-the-century convex glass, enhancing the atmosphere of perusing the portraits of long-gone relatives. Travis Louie also provides a backstory for each subject. He clearly has genuine affection for these creations.

Also showing at Roq La Rue this month are works by
Femke Hiemstra. She produces little treasures which reward those who take the time to look closely.

Monkey Boy (Travis Louie)

Monkey Boy
"Albert was a happy monkey boy. He worked for an organ grinder, dancing in a trance like state with a tin cup in his hand. Quite often he would climb up a lamp post and do a back somersault off of it. When someone tried to put buttons in his cup instead of coins…he chased them down and made them eat them. He was not to be trifled with."

Harvey (Travis Louie)


"Harvey was mostly rabbit, but also part badger. After many years of teasing, He decided to relocate to Australia. The teasing didn’t stop, but the accent Was enough to make it more tolerable. He acquired a dueling scar and joined A cult made of mostly mining workers who happened to be part badger."

La Cérémonie (Femke Hiemstra)
case close

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crash a birthday party at Neumos tonight (stalker opp!)

April is Donte Parks' birthday month and he's celebrating his "I Ain't Dead Yet Mutha*%&#* Dirty Thirty Extravaganza!" along with Truckasauras and Sleepy Eyes of Death at Neumos on Wednesday. Go already; the show is free, it is hump day, and honestly now, you've got nothing better to do, right?

Sleepy Eyes of Death @ Chop Suey

Sleepy Eyes of Death are the masters of lighting and fog. Good to catch 'em live. And Truckasauras? What can I say that you haven't already heard? Dance your robot heart out.

personal message to my stalkers: I've make it particularly challenging these past few months to track me ahead of time. So just because it is tax day +1 and you've had a stressful week, I'm throwing you this bone. Ignore and you may not get another for a very long time.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dalai Lama on the streets

Inspirational quotes from the Dalai Lama are chalked onto the sidewalks and street corners in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Dalai Lama is in Seattle through April 15th for the Seeds of Compassion gathering.


"Take into account that great love and great achievement involves great risk."

"Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck."

"Open your arms to change but do not let loose your values."

Wander the Pike/Pine corridor for more inspirational phrases from the Dalai Lama (and others).

Update: chalk + rain = ephemeral. all washed away.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Urban Beach Scenes with "flatchestedmama"

I stopped into the Grey Gallery and Lounge Thursday night to check out the opening of Amy-Ellen “flatchestedmama” Trefsger's exhibition Urban Beach Scenes.

Urban Beach Scenes is a photographic series of Amy-Ellen dressed ready for the beach and posed in the most unexpected urban settings -- including the in NY subway, in an empty warehouse, in front a working graff artist, on stadium stairs.

Amy-Ellen was immediately recognizable at the opening: she was the one with the inflatable swim ring around her waist. What did you expect with a nickname like that? A stuffy biaaatch? So not.

I chatted with friendly Amy-Ellen for a bit and discovered she is the girlfriend of fellow artist Static Invasion, who put together the magnetic poetry word art piece featured in Wooster Collective last fall. Without prompting she revealed, “He is a great boyfriend."

The swim-ringed performance artist shared that most of the photos in the series were taken in 2005. The entire series includes work with 10 different photographers, of which six are represented in the exhibition.

Amy-Ellen talked about one her favorites, which was taken in an empty warehouse: the lighting, dust particles, and spaciousness come together to shape a visceral, lonely vibe.

Incongruence is the easy theme of the Urban Beach Scenes. On a deeper level it speaks to individually interpreting the world, and deliberately choosing one’s level of conformity to the norm.

The Urban Beach Scenes exhibit runs through June 7th.

Grey Gallery and Lounge
1512 11th Avenue, Seattle

p.s. Amy-Ellen, this chica boarder liked your beach sign very much.

that way

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prince @ Coachella: it's true!

Heavily rumored, repeatedly denied, secretly confirmed, and now finally announced via bulletin from Coachella on MySpace.

Prince will headline the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday, April 26th.

The purple one will be reigning raining in da desert!

Uffie and graff artist Monsieur Andre are engaged

Uffie, the tiny powerhouse performer on the Ed Banger label, and French graffiti artist Monsieur Andre are engaged. Andre proposed after the couple spent 10 days together in Tokyo.

Uffie and most of the Ed Banger crew will be at the Coachella Music Festival later this month. Here's hoping Mr. A goes as well and gets his sharpie on.

Hat tip to Hella for the scoop.

Candid pics and more details here.

Playing Tetris with kitchen appliances

The new fridge is installed but now I can't open the dishwasher. Craptastic.

The kitchen in my 1940's townhouse was remodeled by the previous owner. It is a lovely use of a tiny space and I am pretty sure they planned and built around the 1980's sub-zero fridge. When the appliance repairman said parts were no longer available to make the beast stay frozen, it was time to measure precisely and compare specifications very, very closely.

Shop, price, think, compare, measure again, shop some more...then buy. Ouch.

The new fridge matches the old one in dimensions. ON PAPER. Installed it's another story.

Seems this new one is two inches deeper and now the dishwasher won't open. Take the handle off the freezer door and level the dishwasher and I think I'll be able to jail break out the dishes. I hope.

Not sure what the best long term solution is. Wonder if they make skinnier dishwashers?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 29: Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's

Ice cream lovers, mark your calendars for the 30th annual free cone day at Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shops. The magic day this year is Tuesday, April 29th, 2008.
Check Ben and Jerry's website store locator for those participating in the free cone day.
The three choices in the greater Seattle area:

  • University Village
  • Kirkland
  • Auburn/Lake Tapps

L.A. peeps, you have 9 choices. (the sun shines more down there, yo)

I think ice cream ok, but don't loooove it or ever choose it for a dessert treat. If it is served on a plate with cake, sure I'll have a bite or two. Or I might not. I know I'm in the minority, but that just means more for you ice cream whores.

New flavors introduced this year include Cake Batter and Imagine Whirled Peace. (I might have to try that one just for the name alone.)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

you don't see this every day

Originally uploaded by JeanineAnderson
This sight was the reason for the slowdown in bridge traffic this afternoon. I probably didn't help the cause any by taking a picture while I was driving.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Le Loup: a Craigslist band

Originally uploaded by

Le Loup leader Sam Simkoff found his band mates through Craigslist ads in Washington DC. The band's website goes into precious detail about it.

I dropped in on the Le Loup show spur-of-the-moment after checking out the Blush Photo music photography show opening on Tuesday night. (Read my commentary on the photo show here.)

The seven-member band barely fit on the Chop Suey stage, and reminded me of a scaled down Arcade Fire with points for instrument variety: banjo, french horn, 4 guitars, keyboards, drums, synth, computer, ummm...did I miss anything? Probably.

I stayed for most of the set, but I just didn't hear anything that blew me away or made me want to run out and buy their self-released EP. (I don't own the Arcade Fire release either.)

60% boys, 40% girls. Average age: 28. Attire: the same clothes seen at the neighborhood market. No fashionistas in sight. It was a Tuesday, after all. Laundry night.

more leaping play-doh bunnies

Remember the cool Bravia commercial with the play-doh bunnies? And the ensuing minor dustup regarding Fallon's commercial being curiously similar to artwork by Kozyndan?

Well, those bunnies are still going at it...like...er...rabbits. (Sorry.) A new Easter-themed spot from
Mainframe for Virgin Media's Challenge TV gives a cheeky hat tip to the original commercial.

Exhibit 1: Challenge TV Ad (2008)
The Challenge TV ad is currently available only on Mainframe's site; select Our Work then Challenge TV Bunnies Promo Play Movie.

(p.s. bunnies are being bunnies behind the litter can!)

Exhibit 2: Sony Bravia Ad (2007)

Exhibit 3: Kozyndan Panoramic (2002)

Speaking of Kozyndan, I just ordered a couple of t-shirts from their site. I so like their sh*t.