Monday, November 26, 2007

Props from the Wooster Collective

Seattle street art receives props from the respected Wooster Collective: twice!

Magnetic Poetry
Static Invasion’s cling-ons turned the ConWorks wall into magnetic poetry writ large.

The cling words can be arranged at will, by anyone. Words include nods to the local street scene, such as “toy-ass,” nko,“ and “starhead.”
I love the interactive nature of this piece, which draws participation from incidental passers by as well as from those who arrive with deliberate intent.

Read the Wooster write up on the magnetic poetry wall.

The Owl Tree
Roughly two miles from ConWorks a tree was planted. It grew and blossomed into an intriguing collective work.

Mutual respect and the desire to collaborate prompted a discussion amongst Seattle street artists via the Flickr photo sharing group. Connected folks asked around and a location was secured: the wall of a building slated for demolition. At least 21 artists/collectives have contributed to the Owl Tree wall so far.

The cooperation, collaboration, creativity, and evolution of the Owl Tree have been a joy to observe.

Read the Wooster write up on the Owl Tree.

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