Thursday, November 22, 2007

43 Things: Not sure it's working for me

I started using 43 Things in September, 2007. It seemed like just the right trick to help me stay focused on things I want to do which require more effort than the daily breathe-work-sleep routine. I'm not sure it's quite working for me (yet).

The good:
* The act of writing a list forced me to spend time in long-term thinking
* The list is stored online
* Seeing lots of others with similar goals

The struggle:
* Remembering to visit my list
* Navigation/UI is a little squirrell-y: I can't always easily find my way back somewhere
* Writing an entry that is a good balance between helpful for me and also not too personal if read by others

Although 43 Things has a reminder feature, I'm reluctant to intentionally sign up to get MORE emails (from ANY site). However, I'm pretty sure the other two items I'm struggling with will resolve themselves if I solve the the first one.

Perhaps I need to add another item to my 43 Things list: Visit my 43 Things list at least once a week.

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