Tuesday, November 27, 2007

stalker opportunities this week

Here's a few events penciled in on my calendar. If you are a friend or future friend: hope to see you. Hit me if ya wanna meet up. If you're a real stalker, I'll kick your ass and make you cry. (Unless you like it that way, in which case I'll ignore you.)

VHS or Beta at Chop Suey (Tuesday, 11/27)

Catching Project Runway on the big screen at 22 Doors (Wednesday, 11/28)

Bassbin Twins and Uberzone at The Last Supper Club (Thursday, 11/29) Update: This show has been postponed

blue flavor party and later, a blue house funeral (Friday, 11/30)

Punk Rock Flea Market 2 at the Underground in Belltown (Saturday 12/1)

Birthday party for yaj, Britney Spears and Lucy Liu (Saturday, 12/1)

Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall (Saturday 12/1 or, more likely, Sunday 12/2)

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