Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's hot ticket

morning / mourning
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tix to The Belmont were gone in hours.
tix for the limited 1:30 am performance? gone in 45 (minutes, not seconds)

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Bonnie said...

They let those of us without tickets in after 2:00 - I got to walk around in the house - There were people everywhere, some of them starting the demolition early by punching the walls and giving the rest of us asbestos cancer. people started throwing things off the roof and breaking windows. the police drove by and told the brass band playing out front that they were breaking the city noise ordinance. They responded by playing louder while the rowdy crowd danced cheered in the street, blocking all traffic. More cops showed up and the crowed got more and more unruly, throwing signs and glass bottles, at several tensioned points I felt like there was nearly a riot. When the real rabble-rousers started throwing heavy things towards the cops, We decided to leave before it got any uglier - figuring if there was a riot we'd rather read about it tomorrow, and if there wasn't we, wouldn't miss anything.