Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funeral @ The Belmont


frickin’ off the chain. themes. performances. friendly people. (yes, really.) creativity. three-fingers of whiskey. (a bargain.) Slats. fortunes. triangle of broken window glass impaled in the dirt. (lucky no one was standing there.) no tickie, no roofie. (quite firm.) smoke. statements. dada. missed much. (despite lots of wandering around.) doors that were not. birds. adopted sandwich boards. cameras.

Demographics: ½ boys, ½ girls. Average age: 22. Attire: Most dressed in black. Accessorized with hats, smokes, boots, glasses.

Other reports here, here, and here. And in comment to post below.
Belmont Flickr search.
More Seattle street art on Flickr.

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