Monday, December 24, 2007

Voyeuring colors

The images in Helga Steppan’s “Be long a part” photography show are not the result of camera filters or digital trickery. The photographer arranged her possessions into groupings by color, using classic still-life composition principles.

Results are quietly fascinating. I feel voyeuristic: it’s like peeking into closets and drawers and cupboards. She’s a smoker, she likes to wear blue, she owns a lot of masking tape. Then catholic-upbringing guilt made me stop snooping.

I like the concept employed here and am noodling how it might be extended. Perhaps items that start with the same letter? Colors work well for the visual medium, but letter groupings could be trickier. Would require more left-right brain coordination for the viewer, I think.

The show was held back in July 07 at the Man&Eve gallery in London, but you can check out the yellow, white, black, gray and other color compositions on Creative Review.

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