Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Donkey in Bethlehem

A piece of Banksy artwork in Bethlehem has been painted over by a group of residents who were offended by the ironic image. [more] Highly controversial was the stencil of a soldier checking the ID of a donkey.

The work was part of the annual Santa’s Ghetto exhibition and sale of art by street artists. Santa’s Ghetto has previously been held in London. This year it was moved to Bethlehem to bring greater visibility to the challenges faced by the town’s residents.

Now that the official Santa’s Ghetto website is closed, you'll need to use secondary sources to view pics and video of the Santa’s Ghetto in Bethlehem works.

Although it’s a shame the valuable Banksy work was covered, by doing so the residents have contributed to the exhibit’s goal: to increase visibility of the situation in Bethlehem. As a result of their action, a second round of news stories spread around the globe. That can’t be all bad.

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