Friday, December 28, 2007

when in (Rome) the Comet Tavern...

... a visitor from out of town really should add to the mess of bills tacked to the ceiling of the Comet Tavern After a few wild throws, the sound guy gave us the insider tips: use three quarters, make the long folds first to form a long skinny rectangle, then fold up the two shorter sides.
tack, dollar bill, 3 quarters. Fold, throw, and...stick!

Related news: the new owner of the Comet Tavern stepped forward yesterday. [Seattle Times]

Last night I scanned the place looking for "a 30-something yuppie with a wad of spare cash (who) buys a beloved business in a neighborhood he rarely visits but hears is 'a great scene.' " [Slog]. I don't think he was there. The staff were relaxed -- not what one would expect if the new owner were present.

True confession: last night was the only the second time I've been in The Comet. You wouldn't think so by the number of times I wrote about the joint this month!

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