Saturday, December 8, 2007

619 Western is da bomb

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First Thursday at 619 Western is not your mother’s art walk. Forget Pioneer Square galleries (the “official” hub for First Thursday). You can’t afford that sh*t.

Trust me: 619 Western is where it is at. 619 is a beautifully aged warehouse with six floors of studios. Works are priced reasonably and there’s a good variety of styles, mediums, and approachability. The artists are friendly and happy to chat you up.

My sister and I went with the specific goal of finding Dave Bloomfield in his studio-share on the fourth floor. His work is visible around the city, in both formal shows as well as random acts of art. It has a sweet, honest nature which bleeds through the street-tough initial impression. He did not disappoint: nice guy and lots of pieces priced affordably. We both picked up some prints. I think I need a t-shirt, starheadboy. You have any for sale? (Sized for ladies, please.) Buffalo, Huggy, or some penguins, perhaps? You pick. It’s all good.

We were also intrigued by Wyatt Landis at Studio Satyricon on the 3rd floor. I ran into a friend who warned there were “scary girls” in that room. Of course I had go in! Landis’ oil paintings are of renaissance composition and lighting and have a “Blade Runner” groove. And he had cool music.

With over 100 artists sharing the 619 building, there’s a lot to see. Thanks to Charles Shaw and light snacks (gratis), time is easily lost track of. If you go, try to get started in the first hour before it gets completely mobbed and difficult to navigate the central stairway.

Age range: 25 – 50, with a skew toward 30s. Attire: stylish Seattle winter wear, as in good jeans with sweater or unique t-shirt (boys and girls). Some girls with dresses or skirts and leggings. Fashion boots. Wooly hats for some, wooly scarves for everyone.

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