Sunday, December 30, 2007

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day 0

It took months for me to decide what I wanted for a first inking.

Although I am not big into astrology and the occult, the more I thought about my Mayan astrology sign, Blue Resonant Eagle, the more it felt right. Particularly the aspects of eagle (creativity & vision), hand (healer and helper), and worldbridger (building bridges between a magical world and reality). These are traits that others have attributed to me in school, in career, and in friendships.

My Western astrology sign, Scorpio, has never, ever felt right to me.

It hurt a bit but it was also surprisingly relaxing. I think I wandered into a meditative zone for a while.

I already have a design in mind for the next one.


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Suzie said...

Congrats, J! I saw the photo on Flickr. It is so lovely. Good choice. It's hard to decide on something so final. I love the graphics and the meaning. R's favorite animal is the eagle. He will love it.

I think you should go to science friction and tell me how it goes. It looks rad! We are floating mellow tomorrow night, but if were headed out, that's where we'd go.

See ya next year.

Suzie said...

Oh yeah--I meant to say I know what you mean about the meditation-thing. It's weird, huh? Not what you'd expect.

Anonymous said...

OOOOO...noooo...I hate to break it to you...but thats the dreamspell version, it is not your true sign on the mayan "Tzolk'in".

The dreamspell uses the same system of telling time, however its dates are inaccurate, basically it was stolen from an ancient calendar over 4000 years old, fully developed by the Maya, and later the Aztec, however its first origins are known in Olmec and Zapotec inscriptions pre dating mayan civilization

This is truely unfortunate seeing as you already got it..tatood on your skin, butJose Arguelles made up the dreamspell a few years ago as a combination of our modern gregorian calendar and the ancient Tzolk'in, which means it includes leap years, which the actual mayan tzolkin, which is still used in remote parts of guatemala by small mayan settlements, does not use leap years. Therefor the actual date translations of the dreamspell are false.

Try these links to understand what I'm talking about... -a very good facebook group with other people interested and loaded with information and discussion topics. -To find your REAL sign on the Tzolk'in. -Why the tatoo on your arm is not your sign.

Anonymous said...

greetings fellow kin earth sister, yes the streams of consciousness are great, truth is posibly relative? what the ground of my understaning of Jose's work, is a new understaning of ourselve, through the illumination of the past,, our mythologies our heart lives,, not so much counts and glyohs and cycles,,, in one of his talks he says something like,, "imagine if we could forget everything we have ever known" in the light that we may give our true hearts to the potential of love. friend let us walk together singing of the great tomarrow sharing the fruits of knowledge and experience,, peace be with you