Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Mural in Georgetown

The new graffiti mural in Georgetown is worth checking out if you are in the industrial heart of Seattle. The mural is located on the south west corner of 4th Ave S and Michigan Ave S, next to I Luv Teriyaki. This newspaper article has the deets.
You'll see lots of different art styles. The mural is primarily images/art, with some graff writing. I'm not practiced in reading highly-stylized letters but I was eventually able to make out part of this section:

keep it fresh

Do you see "keep it fresh" in the lower part? I still can't figure out the upper part. Zip it K? Zip II K?

Next is a close up of a section done by NKO, titled "the problem of architecture." The title is possibly in memorium to his former home, the Belmont, and what that building came to represent in its last days. I like the boxed heart detail.

cubed heart

I'll close out with one more image because that last one was a bit of a downer, yeah? Next up: friendly koi swimming around the city.

city koi


See said...

ZIP LOK...Keep It Fresh!

Love it!

Jeanine A said...

Oh, right on! Got it.
thnx, See. (apt nickname!)
x J

Jenna said...

it says ZIPLOCK