Monday, December 31, 2007

CHS Tourney: vote now. vote often.

Hillku or a missing sidewalk?

Coyotes or the #10 bus?

The semi-final round of the Capitol Hill Seattle Tourney wraps up at midnight NYE. Which two CHS icons will face off in the finals next week? The clever Justin and Kristen of CHS blog have once again organized a fun voting contest among neighborhood icons. They wisely did not include new CHS neighborhood baby, Bowie, in the tourney entries. (Honor, nepotism, shoo-in, etc. etc.)

In this round the Coyotes have steadily been in the lead over the #10 bus. If you are behind the critters (like The Stranger), you likely don't have anything to worry about.

Hillku and the non-crosswalk at Aloha and 14th are tied up, however, with about 12 hours remaining to lock in your vote(s).

Vote now. Vote often. For Hillku.

Honestly, now. How could you vote for something that doesn't exist: a non-crosswalk? That's like voting a dead person into office. As they did in MO a few years ago.

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K and/or J said...

We expect you to keep clicking right up to midnight, jeanine. click click click.