Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Little Walking Tour of Capitol Hill

I recently joined the Seattle Architecture Foundation's walking tour of my neighborhood. The Pike/Pine: Cars, Bars, and Dead Rock Stars tour is informative of historical and contemporary design, and use of neighborhood structures.

This tour is good for regional residents: it includes useful historical context and discussion of contemporary urban planning and redevelopment projects. However, I don't recommend you take out-of-town visitors on this tour. The Underground Tour is for the tourists; the Seattle Architecture Foundation's tour is for residents and those interested in the neighborhood's history and building design.

NE from Trace rooftop

Check my post over on the Capitol Hill Seattle site to discover buildings that were car dealerships or auto services 100 years ago, when Pike/Pine was Seattle's "auto row." Once you know what to look for, it is fun to recognize the structures and see how they are used today. Some still have auto-related businesses.

We also had an interesting brewmaster-led tour of the Elysian Brewery. No beer tasting, but it wasn't even noon o'clock yet anyway.


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