Friday, August 22, 2008

Do Figs Actually Ripen Here?

I was so very excited to see a fig tree earlier this week when dog-walking around my Capitol Hill micro-hood.

Seeing those giant hand leaves and suspended little greenies made me all giddy, recalling late summer days with mom, with bees, and with brown sacks filled with ripened figs. California, mid-70's.

The branches of the tree in my neighborhood are hanging over public property, and I picked up a few fallen fruit from alongside the sidewalk.

They were not ripe, so I drew on them instead.

When will the baby greenies on the tree get ripe? Or rather, do they ever ripen here in the Northwest?

I'll keep checking back on "my" tree during dog walks. In the meantime, you now know who to ping if you have more figs than you can deal with from your own trees.

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Anonymous said...

According to our gardener, fig trees don't usually produce edible fruit here in Seattle. Not hot enough.

There's a fig tree in the alley behind our house, and figs are my favorite, so I was curious about growing them here. But, when grown here, they're basically always no bueno for the eating.