Monday, August 4, 2008

a few line drawings for me

Creative and sweet Starhead made a few simple line drawings for me last week. (Some of you may have an idea of why I asked for this subject in particular! Just you wait.)

When we met up last week for beers and artwork pickup, Starhead told me the story of his [brave little] toaster.

Last year Starhead joined up with Static Invasion to install big-ass static clings around the city. The clings were mobile: people could remove them and install them in new places around town. (peel and stick. over and over.) Starhead's contribution to the project was a toaster. Months later the toaster was spotted in an apartment window in a south city neighborhood. When Starhead learned of its location, he created a bunch of small toaster stickers. He placed them on the block where the big toaster cling was installed so it wouldn't be so lonely.

Starhead didn't hang around to see what the toaster's caretakers thought of his follow up. He hopes they found it entertaining that the artist randomly located the mobile artwork and then added to it for quiet public amusement.

Good times!