Friday, February 29, 2008

I Heart Rummage @ Chop Suey on Sunday

Indie craft show I Heart Rummage starts up again Sunday March 2nd at their new location, Chop Suey. Free + 35 vendor spots + a DJ = perfect!

There should be LOTS of inventory: the last monthly IHR show was 3 months ago and it was a thrown-together affair after the sudden close of The Crocodile. [more] I am uber-thrilled IHR found a new home at Chop Suey. And it is blocks away. (Could mean trouble.)

At previous IHR sales I picked up delicious hand-knitted wrist warmers and unique leather bracelets. I am looking forward to picking up some fresh stuff for the new year, new season, new month. Maybe I'll branch out from wrist-related pretties. (Or not.)

What have our clever indie crafters been up to this damp, dark, northwest winter? Check it.

I Heart Rummage
Sunday, March 2nd
12pm - 4pm
Chop Suey
1325 E Madison

Girl Seattle on Myspace

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