Monday, February 11, 2008

Unkle splits: hold my hand

Unkle's War Stories is in heavy play on my i-Pod right now, so I'm sad to hear James Lavelle and Richard File are going their separate ways. Amicably and mutually, they say. I first heard Unkle when Reign was remixed by another fav pair of mine, Evil Nine. Reign is a hot tune on it's own, and turns into a real banger in the Niners' hands.
Hold My Hand is a standout track from the Unkle War Stories cd. You can catch it on Unkle's myspace. (Also check Evil Nine's remix of that track on their myspace.)
The formal statement about the split indicates that Richard File is focusing on a new band of his own.
Given the
history of Unkle, I'm not sure it is quite yet time to say RIP. Who would you want to see Lavelle pair up with next?

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