Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Block of spirits (minus one)

Interesting developments the last couple of months on eastern side of 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill, between Pike and Pine. (Do you still get those streets mixed up? here's my mnemonic: PiNe is the Northern street.) All but one business on the eastern side of the street serves alcohol. (Or will be soon.)

Working our way south (Pike) to north (Pine):

1506-ish Annex Theatre: Although their official address is on Pike, the entrance is on 11th so the theater gets an honorary 11th Ave address. I spied a notice for a liquor license application on the door when walking by last week. Add drinking to fringe theater and it still equals a potentially puzzling performance.

1508 Vermillion Gallery: The gallery is current closed in order to add a wine bar. Plans are to re-open in March 2008 with alcohol served, making it the second gallery/bar on the block. Art and alcohol go well together, yes?

1510 Barca: Classier than a neighborhood hangout (i.e. The Satellite) but manages to avoid the phony Belltown glitter-bar vibe. Serving drinks since 2000.

1512 Grey Gallery and Lounge: art gallery and a small cocktail bar. Lounge open 8 am - 2 am. Serves coffee in the morning. Serving drinks since January 2008.

1518 Purr Cocktail Lounge: see and be seen on the hill. Non-themed gay hangout, straights go there too. Purr's been there since 2006, but the space has served drinks for years.

So, there is one more business on the eastern side of the street. Can you name it, boys and girls? (Hum along with me now, old-school Sesame Street viewers: "One of these things is not like the others...") That's right. It is:

1516 The Crypt: Retail for club wear, fetish wear, intimate accessories, reading and viewing materials and so on. Just about everything (and anything) your sober heart desires to enhance intimate times. Everything, that is, except alcohol. Is it just a matter of time before The Crypt submits an liquor license application? Everyone else on their side of the street is doing it.

I'd like to see the trend jump across the street. Beer and wine in Value Village! Shop with a growler in hand! Wouldn't that just make the green fuzzy sweater (with a little teeny tiny hole on the inside elbow where you can hardly see it) so much more PERFECT?!

So there you go: our own little Capitol Hill pub crawl. Enter just about any door on the eastern side of the block and get your drink on. And some (in order) theater, art, eye candy, more art, toys, and more eye candy.

Cheers, salud, kampai, okole maluna, slainte, skal, and gan bai!

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Luna-See said...

I think I've been to that Value Village...scored a rad pair of Donald J Pliners! Ha!