Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally made it to the McLeod Residence

The McLeod Residence has been on "my list" for ages but I hadn't yet made it to any of the semi-public events. Last night was an open invitation for Girl Power Hour attendees to drop by after that event wrapped up. I had nothing important to do so afterward so...of course! A bright, shiny opportunity.

finally made it to the residence!

The Residence: interesting art space, varying exhibits, cool permanent installations, a bar, awesome people, and... haircuts!

On the third Thursday of the month Cutter McLeod offers haircuts at the residence and he usually has a line of folks waiting. (He has his own salon for regular work.) After chatting with folks who were hanging out and watching Cutter (aka Sean) do a few haircuts, my name was was on the list. It was a slow night, they said, so I didn't have a long wait. When my turn came, I relinquished to his snappy scissors. And I LOVE the results. Sassy!

and got a haircut!

Who knew I would find a new hairstylist at McLeod? Serendipity.

Oh, and now I'm one degree closer to meeting Buster (without an orchestrated introduction from one of our mutual friends).

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