Monday, February 4, 2008

Tokyo snow

kichijoji park
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After the sleep of the dead, woke to find 3 inches of wet snow on the ground. It continued throughout the day. Despite the treacherous walking conditions, most young ladies still wore high-heeled shoes and boots. This made for interesting people watching! (Would she slip or would she make it?)
Staying the western neighborhood of Kichijoji, which has a nice park with walking paths, a small lake, and swan boats you can rent in the summer.
The snow put a damper on our plans to catch all the Sunday Harajuku action. We were there but the cos-play kids were not. Too cold, too snowy. Still plan to hit up the Otaku area and visit a maid cafe (only in Tokyo!)

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C Ringsted said...

Wow...Snow! The only time I've ever been to Tokyo was during a layover on the way to Sydney. It was amazingly hot and humid. After that experience it's hard to believe that it could EVER get cold enough to snow there! Sheesh!

Can't wait to see more pics...