Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eggo Engrish in Japan

I appreciate the effort to use roman alphabet characters. Truly. The U.S. could learn something in accommodation, I think. Effort doesn't equal accuracy however. Which is all fine and all good because the end result can be amusing.

Jennifer, ho is the name of a clothing store for 50+ ladies.
Hair Make = on many hair salon signs. (Maybe they do make up too.)
Clark's Coffee slogan is "Boys, be ambitious!" Notice the correct use of the apostrophe. Props!
JOG 21st "for joyful human stage" This was a storefront in Sapporo. It looked like a real estate office or an apartment rental service.
Please refrain from getting out of your room in the night clothes and room shoes. The hotel we stayed at in Sapporo provided slippers and paper thin robe. They also supplied a toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razor, and disposable brush. Just don't try to get out in the night clothes.
Milky Dental Clinic
Whose Foods is a grocery with a logo that is a LOT like Whole Foods.
Mr. Children Music Store sells CDs and DVDs.

More to come, to be sure.

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