Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obasan on the Tokyo train

Seats on the late afternoon westbound train were full up. An obasan (elderly woman) shuffled on at the next stop and looked for an empty seat. Immediately the starter professional (a 20-something in a suit and carrying a briefcase) seated next to me rose with a smile and helped the obasan sit down. She nodded her thanks and they exchanged smiles as he grabbed the hand hold above.
The obasan, still holding his gaze, then patted her lap: the universal language for "Would you like to sit here?"
Of course he very politely declined. The obasan smiled at him, then she smiled and nodded at me, sharing her genuine affection for the young man.
(O, to sit in a sweet grandma's lap again...)

on the Tokyo JR line

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What a great moment!