Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Outstanding in the Field: outdoor gourmet dinner to come to Seattle

Santa Cruz-based Outstanding in the Field organizes a dining experience like no other. (And priced accordingly.) They have just announced their 2008 locations - which include a stop in Seattle in July.
Outstanding in the Field brings together local farmers, chefs, winemakers, and food artisans to prepare a 4-course gourmet dinner, served family style and outdoors on a linen-draped long table. Events are located as close as possible to the source of the ingredients (such as a farm or seaside) and include a short, low-key educational activity related to the location (such as learning how identify edible mushrooms during a walk through forest).
The last Seattle-area Outstanding in the Field event was held in LaConner in 2005 and featured chef John Sundstrom of Lark. 'Nuff said.
The exact date for the July 2008 Seattle-area event has not yet been announced; join their mailing list to get the deets. Word is that events sell out quickly, even at $150 - $200 per person.
I'm not sure I'm foodie-leaning enough (or free-spending enough) to actually go, but it does sound delicious and adventurous and I bet interesting people attend.


Luna-See said...

I've been on their email list for years now. LOVE the concept and the locations always look so stellar! I just can't justify spending the same amount of money on a vegetarian meal (which Outstanding is totally willing to accommodate...Bravo!) as the non-veggies are paying. A bit steep for my pocketbook these days. :-( But I'll continue to dream about getting a group of friends/family together and doing this one day!

Okay...must go check the progress of the eclipse!

Jeanine Anderson said...

i swear, court, we were sisters in another life.

Luna-See said...

I was telling Jeremy, last weekend, that if you and I lived in the same town I'm convinced that we'd be best friends!

I suppose we'll just have to settle for Playa Sisters!