Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Animated short from street artist Sam3

The following short video was produced by Sam3 and features music by Aphex Twin. Titled Radiographia Urbana (Urban Radiography), it is a re-edit of a 2006 film projected onto the side a building near San Cristobal Church in Murcia, Spain.

[via Wooster Collective]

Sam3 is a Madrid-based street artist who specializes in silhouettes and shadows. Several of his works were included in Banksy's Santa's Ghetto project in Jerusalem in December 2007. (#) Sam3's web site Agency of the Urban Subconcious has examples of his street work including provocative, political, and polarizing street art. (Uh...alliteration gone mad.)

Paper Monster offers for purchase three fairly tame Sam3 prints (signed). (Paper Monster also has a couple of signed Kozyndan prints, too!)

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