Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Justice video by So Me: DVNO

The electronic French duo Justice released their latest video, for the track DVNO (one of my favs from the "Cross" album). The vid is by So Me, the label art director and fellow DJ on the Ed Banger crew.

The production is an animation ala The Electric Company TV show back in the day. That is, 70s retro look, but brighter, smoother, and sparklier. Bonus too: as one commenter has already stated, we now know what it is they are saying. It isn't "ladies out west" (darn), it is "ladies all waxed."

Justice's previous video, D.A.N.C.E., won the "Video Star" award from European MTV and it was nominated for the MTV best video award in 2007.

Justice are currently on tour in North America through April. Schedule.


Luna-See said...

Okay...seriously, not it's just starting to freak me out! Ha! xo~

Arturo de la Mora said...

Cool video!...

Avery said...

So Me art show!

A portrait series of all new works - opening next week at Studio Gallery:


Art works will be for sale to the public after the show opening via the website.