Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday gallery openings: toys, Parskid and birds

Hooray! New shows open on Friday March 14th at the trio of hip galleries on 2nd Avenue in Belltown.

Roq La Rue Gallery is featuring a series from Robert Burdon (San Francisco) titled "Toybox." His inspiration for the series was the discovery of a box of toys he had owned as a child. His paintings are of those toys, or of other toys he very much wanted to own. "These large canvases are covered in baroque-like patterning and gilt framing, and a small box containing the actual toy accompanies each piece (referred to by Robert as a "reliquary" of sorts.)"[

BLVD Gallery (next door to the Roq) is featuring the urban contemporary works of Parskid (Seattle) and Chip7 (New Jersey). I am looking forward to checking out what Parskid's been working on. His contribution to The Belmont was quite amusing. (right) This show at the BLVD received early press from Juxtapoz mag online.

And third, the Suite 100 Gallery brings together artists from Seattle and Portland, showing works with a common theme of "Feathered Friends." The Suite 100 Gallery is located a block south of Blvd and the Roq.
Its been three months since I last hit the opening nights for the three galleries. Two galleries took January off and I was out of town for the Feburary openings. (But I did make it down to see Roq's and Blvd's Feb shows a couple of weeks ago.)
I am so looking forward making the rounds on Friday!

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