Monday, March 24, 2008

Morph: a future geek must-have

OMG. The Nokia Morph animation illustrates the gasp-inducing capabilities of nanotechnology. The Morph concept is the result of a collaboration between Nokia Research Center and Cambridge Nanoscience Center. You can't buy this property-changing device today, but the science behind it is definitely here today.

Nanotechnology possibilities are simultaneously amazing, thrilling, and scary. It's the stuff of sci-fi, made real.

Besides the gee whiz factor, I like this video because it takes complex science and brings it to a real-life level. It is all visual and is consumer-focused: no voice overs, no tooting their own horn (look how smart we engineers are!), and only a couple of sci facts explained in a non-engineer way. I imagine there were likely several meeting room brawls over the lack of sci-talk: the sci guys wanting lots of facts, and the design guys wanting no facts. ("Guys" is used here in the all-gender-encompassing sense.)

Also interesting to me is that the character in this video is female. Clearly an effort to make fresh technology more appealing to women and to grow the male-dominated early adopter crowd. Fashionistas, did you notice the ability to match the pattern of Morph to your outfit?

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