Friday, March 14, 2008

Vote for Zombies!

The smarty-pants folks at Common Craft are pleased their "Zombies in Plain English" video will reach a wider audience and could potentially save millions of lives in the event of a zombie attack. The clever video has been nominated in the animation category for the Yahoo! Video Golden Play awards.
Borrowing from a Common Craft catchphrase: Yay!

Six other videos are shortlisted for the Yahoo! animation award; the winner will be determined by internet voting. Check out the choices, then vote for the Zombies. Voting is open through March 21st.

Lee LeFever and Sachi LeFever, the masterminds behind Common Craft, are delighted. "And we were just worried about Zombie education," says Lee.

Common Craft is a Seattle-based company whose "product is explanation." The internet's been abuzz with their lo-fi freebie Common Craft Show segments explaining useful stuff -- such as RSS, photo-sharing, and compact light bulbs -- in 3 minutes or less.

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Luna-See said...

One more Zombie Voter here! w00t!

Common Craft rocks!