Thursday, March 27, 2008

snow and serendipity

Snow and magic were flying last night. Yep: snow on March 26th. We've had some years with hailstorms in late March, but snow...?

WTF: snow

Here's the magic part. Earlier in the day, Flickr peep SlightlyNorth emails me to say one of his Flickr contacts had caught me in a random shot. It wasn't me but I can see why he might think so. Later, I'm having dinner at the bar at Bimbo's Cantina and was chatting up the guy next to me, who was waiting for a friend. The friend shows up. The friend has a cool camera, which I ask him about and we visit for a few minutes. The topic of Flickr comes up, and he gives me his Moo card.

The serendipity: the guy is PD Gibson, who took the shot that SlightyNorth thought was of me. Wow.

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