Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geoff McFetridge at Olympic Sculpture Park

Graphic designer, artist, and director Geoff McFetridge has been kicking it around Seattle the last few days completing the installation of "In a Mind" at the Olympic Sculpture Park pavilion. The installation opens on March 29 and will run through early 2009.

Installation in progress

Word on the street was he would be finishing up the installation today between 10am and 3pm, so I took the #8 bus down Denny and arrived around 12:30. Good timing: the installation was still underway. Bad timing: lunch break. We killed some time by wandering around and playing on the eye benches.

Checking back in at the pavilion about 45 minutes later, there was still no activity. So we sat around for a while and
took a few pictures; it felt like we were waiting for a play that never started. Finally left around 2 pm. Oh well.

it was a treat to see the nearly complete installation and appreciate it in a quiet setting. Just wish I could have met (or at least seen) Geoff McFetridge.

Maybe the "I'm rocking on your dime" t-shirt I wore scared him off. I'm not a crazy superfan, Geoff. I promise.

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