Friday, May 23, 2008

a tattoo, part two

Back in December I had my first tattoo done. I love the design and have received many random inquiries from strangers on both the design and who had done the work. (Levi at Super Genius on Pike St. in Seattle did the inking.)

A few days ago I went in for a touch up now that the design is settled. I wanted the outline of the top segment redone in a heavier line weight so it would show up more with the navy blue fill color.

I was a bit surprised at my experience: it was again a contemplative experience and not at all unpleasant. Does that mean I'm open to a little rough play? Perhaps.

I've been thinking about what design I'd like done next. I've wanting the
soaring bird silouette designed by No Touching Ground, but I think I may hold off on that a bit longer. In the meantime, I'll probably get the letter "J" on the inside of my forearm or wrist. I'm not sure how to orient it though. I just don't know the protocol on placement when orientation is important.

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