Friday, May 9, 2008

Public Access Bike on 15th?

left unlocked
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So this unlocked bike has been leaning against a bus stop sign for 3 days now. It is on a busy road and the bus stop is heavily used. I am so surprised the bike has remained in place for DAYS.

I know some folks are wringing their hands and worrying about safety and crime on the hill. Here's a counter point.

If the bike is still there on Saturday, I think I'll decorate it up and make it a public access bicycle for 15th Ave. One way trips, leave it unlocked at your destination. It's a grab-and-go thing: if you see it and need it, you go for it. Southern boundary Pike, northern boundary the Canterbury.

Call me a dreamer. This men's 10-speed is too big for me, however. That bar could easily cause damage to anyone shorter than 5' 8".

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Sandy said...

I love when you can prove people's perceptions wrong like this. Obviously it is not such a bad area, if the bike has not yet been stolen.