Thursday, May 8, 2008

Does it Offend You, Yeah? Not me

They didn't offend me, nor anyone else at Neumos on Tuesday night. This brit group was on my "list" to see at Coachella but when I went to the tent midway through their published timeslot, the tent was quiet. Damn. Yay for DIOYY coming out to the upper left corner to play. Much better and intimate venue than the Gobi Tent. So it all worked out, yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah play vibrant rock electronica with strong vocals from both this dude, Morgan Quaintance, and bassist James Rushent.
Although the room was only moderately full (why so?), they put full energy into their performance and were tight. Comparisons have been made to Daft Punk, Justice, and Digitalism. They are definitely on the upswing this year: touring with Bloc Party and NIN.

My favorite song of the night was We Are Rockstars, with its in-your-face, don't-look-away blast of pulsing goodness.

Demographics: 50/50 girls and boys. A few fashionistas at play. Average age was 28. I didn't see many dates: mostly same-gender clusters of 2-3 people.

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I love these guys.