Sunday, May 25, 2008

Landing on Mars today: follow along via Twitter

Space fans, sci fi geeks, and tech heads can stay up-to-date on the scheduled landing on Mars today of the Phoenix scout mission to the red planet.

the Phoenix has a Twitter account and is posting messages and status updates frequently. What this means: you can get updates sent directly to your mobile device. And the engineers are answering questions from people, too.

How awesome is that?

Here's a sample of recent messages from MarsPhoenix:

A small dust storm blew over the landing site today, but now the weather looks clear for landing. 25 hours and 1 million miles til landing. (20 hrs ago)

I'm closing in on Mars! Who is going to sleep tonight? Not the team, too excited/scared/anxious seeing 5 years of work come to this last day. (16 hours ago)
I've entered the gravity well of Mars. My speed, relative to the planet, will go from 6,000 mph to 12,600 mph by time I hit the atmosphere. (4 hours ago)

The last 7 minutes are nail biters. See vid at Scariest moments: parachute opening, then radar lock on ground. (3 hours ago)

Of course there's also the mission website to find out how it's going. (Old school.)

(thanks @leelefever for the tip!)

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