Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emerald City Comi-Con in pictures

I know nothing about comic books, so I'm not sure how I ended up going to this event on Saturday. Seemed like a good idea, and I ended up having a fun time!

I was hoping to find some old comics that my older sister and I ate up like candy when we were in the tween years: True Love, First Kiss, Love Story, etc. We would have DIED asking our southern-raised parents to buy these for us. Thank god for our neighborhood girl friend, who would pass along her well-read copies. How else would we have known that true love is all that matters? And that the first kiss is the only one that matters? (Uh, I can't even remember the name of person I first kissed.)

Unfortunately, these love comics must be popular items since the only ones I found were priced more than I was willing to pay for a short trip down nostalgia lane. Oh well.

50 cent
Since I can't comment intelligently on anything comic-book related, I'll just share some more photos. Very amusing that my most viewed pictures on Flickr from the event are (1) scantily-clad girls in costume, and (2) a picture of the word "poop." Sex and body functions. Of course.

emerald city comicon

poop stop? what?

silver surfer

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Luna-See said...

I have a friend named you definitely got some hits on that shot from us down here in La La Land. :-)